Shadows Designs is a full-service interior design firm offering distinctive design solutions for new construction, remodels, and makeovers. We strive to listen to our clients’ preferences, and immerse ourselves in their ideas to create harmonious spaces that resonate with their lifestyles and personalities.

Our spirit is collaborative and we place great emphasis on working with all stakeholders – from the client to the contractor – to deliver a project as originally envisioned. Shadows Designs was established in 2009.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create timeless designs with respect for both tradition and history, coalesced with a futuristic outlook.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create real spaces for real people. Integrity, transparency, and dedication steer our ambition. We strive for sustainable practices to leave a legacy for future generations.

Our Team

Jassim Al Theyab

Jassim Al Theyab

Business Owner

Shadows Designs was established to bring together experience from some of the leading interior design exercises across the country. All of our projects embody the spirit of Qatar’s past, infused with colours from the future. From remodelling a single room to new construction, Shadows Designs brings an expert design eye and unparalleled personal attention. Our fresh creative vision creates beautiful spaces that stimulate the mind.

Spatial concepts are constantly evolving. We don’t just collect pieces and put them together. We compose spaces that create an experience that’s as beautiful as it is functional. A Shadows Designs interior allows life to unravel in breath-taking ambiance, each an expression of the highest ideal of who you are.

Ahmed Lofty

Ahmed Lofty

General Manager

Technology is constantly adding a new dimension to how we experience and interact with spaces around us.  Interiors are silently witnessing the confluence of smart gadgets with block spaces. In the near future we are going to see radical changes in how we design interior spaces, thanks to advancements in smart apps and digital display surfaces. However, the one never changing constant in the interior design realm will be the end user.

This idea to place the client in the centre of the space informs our work. The basis of our functioning rests in understanding how a client uses the space. From remodelling a front porch to transforming a back yard – and every space in between – Shadows Designs is committed to provide clients with ideas that draw inspiration from art and architecture.

Hagar Diab

Hagar Diab

Office Manager

No project is too big or small for Shadows Designs. We make available to our clients a professional team of advisors and consultants, whose mission is to curate unique spatial experiences. Our team brings unmatched energy to each project and handles every detail with precision and the utmost care, from the magnificent to the mundane.

Together, our team brings over seven years of experience in interpreting client’s tastes and developing ideas that surpass their expectations. We are renowned in Qatar for bringing mental fortitude to a process that is otherwise disruptive and chaotic for majority of clients.